Process R&D

Process R&D

Process development

PharmaResources adheres to the Quality by Design (QbD) philosophy toprovide customers one-stop efficient solutions through synthetic route design and screening, process optimization, scale-up, validation and process safety assessment, and thus improve customers’ R&D efficiency and shorten the drug development cycle. The innovative drug process development services provided by the company cover the entire process from preclinical studies to new drug launch.

Services include:

  • Our new drug process development services have broken through known synthetic pathways or pioneering innovative synthetic process routes to achieve customized optimization from preclinical to new drug market launch.
  • We conduct research and define key process parameters to support scale-up, process validation, and commercial manufacturing .for cGMP or non-cGMP manufacturing
PharmaResources is committed to discovering and developing innovative synthetic processes, by establishment of platforms such as flow chemistry, enzymatic catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, solid-state chemistry and safety assessment. These platforms support process R&D and optimization, quality research, and help clients achieve low-cost, safe, green, and reliable commercial manufacturing of intermediates and APIs from kilograms to tons.
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