Process Development Platforms

Process Development Platforms

High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) R&D Technology

  • Hardware facilities
    The company has constantly improved and refined the hardware facilities suitable for the development of highly active APIs over the years of operation.
  • Software management
    And in order to ensure that the above hardware facilities indeed play their proper functions, the company has also supported and improved the construction of software management, including development of:
    SOPs for the operation, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and facilities suitable for the company
    SOPs for all procedures of material receiving, transporting, unpacking, sampling, packaging, and destruction
    SOPs for operator training, assessment and production management
    More than 60 SOPs in total
  • Address

    Bldg. 12, No. 59 Kai Qing Rd, Pudong, Shanghai (West Campus)

    Bldg. 7, No. 509 Ren Qing Rd, Pudong, Shanghai (East Campus)

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