Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical Research

Pre-formulation studies

Determine development strategy based on client development objectives (generic/innovative drugs/innovative formulations), conduct pre-prescribing studies, and determine feasibility of prescribing process.
  • Dissociation constant (pKa)
  • Partition/distribution coefficient (Log D/P)
  • Intrinsic solubility (So)
  • Biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS)
  • Formulation development with high bioavailability (amorphous/nanoparticle/nanoemulsion, etc.)
  • Solubility studies (water/pH1.2~pH12 solution/organic solvent/simulated intestinal fluid FaSSIF/FeSSIF/simulated gastric fluid FaSSGF/FeSSGF)
  • Stability (solution stability, solid stability, heat/light/acid/alkali/oxidation stability) and compatibility of raw materials and excipients
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