Pharmacokinetics is a crucial component in the research of new drug druggability. The absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs are closely related to drug efficacy and safety. We possess internationally standard laboratories, various advanced in vitro and in vivo experimental technologies, and bioanalytical equipments. With years of experience in pharmacokinetic research in multiple therapeutic areas or drug targets, the team leader and core R&D staff can provide a holistic approach and complete set of R&D services from early in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) screening to in vivo pharmacokinetic evaluation (PK) in experimental animals.Our goal is to provide rapid, effective, and high-quality research solutions based on the specific requirements of customer projects, meeting the needs of customers in the ADME field. We aim to assist clients in reducing research and development costs while increasing the success rate of new drug development.


  • Drug solubility and chemical stability studies
  • Stability studies of drugs in hepatic microsomes (human, mouse, dog, monkey, etc.), S9, cytoplasmic fluid or hepatocytes
  • Stability studies of drugs in plasma, serum or whole blood
  • Caco-2 or MDCKII- MDR1 permeability studies
  • Efflux and uptake transporter (substrate or inhibitor) studies
  • P450 enzyme inhibition (reversible or time-dependent) studies
  • P450 enzyme induction studies
  • P450 enzyme (recombinant enzyme) metabolic phenotype studies
  • UGT enzyme inhibition studies
  • Identification of metabolites and analysis of metabolic pathway in in vitro systems (in hepatic microsomes, S9, cytoplasmic fluid or hepatocytes)
  • Reactive intermediate glutathione capture (GSH-Adduct) studies


  • Establishment and validation of LC-MS/MS analytical methods
  • Pre-formulation research and evaluation
  • Bioavailability (IV, PO) evaluation in a variety of animal species (rats, mice, dogs, monkeys, etc.)
  • Kinetic evaluation of different routes of drug administration (intravenous, oral, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous and intramuscular, etc.)
  • Tissue distribution and measurement of drug concentrations in a variety of biological samples (plasma, whole blood, urine, feces, bile, and various tissues)
  • Analysis of drug excretion pathways (BDC rat urine, bile, etc.) and identification of metabolites in vivo
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